Field Notes – Matthew Harris

The Leeke Survey is an ancient record of the carving and cutting up of land. Laid out on ancient yellowing parchment or paper, the outlined fields are divided into strips, patches and blocks of various shades of yellow. From cool pale lemon to warmer saffron yellows, the fields are spread out, pinned, liked striped cloths in the sun or rugs in a square in Marrakesh seen from the air. Meandering across their surface, pathways and tracks of orange and ochre. Yellow is the predominant colour in this ‘book of fields’ and yellow is the colour that is left as an after image on returning to the studio and the colour that has now seeped and stained its way into the paper and cloth for ‘Field Notes’. Over recent weeks, firstly with paint and ink, and now with dye these yellows have saturated the materials in the studio, spilling over my work- table onto the floors and bouncing their light off the walls and ceiling.

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